5 Questions To Ask About A Facelift


As you age, you may find yourself considering more options to preserve your youthful appearance. One option is to have a facelift. However, there are many questions about this surgical procedure that people forget to ask. Fortunately, cosmetic surgery has seen many advancements over the years, and most questions can be answered easily during a consultation. Continue reading


5 Laser Hair Removal Tips


Laser hair removal provides an effective way to eliminate unwanted hair with minimal discomfort. However, it is crucial for patients to take the right precautions before and after undergoing this treatment. Such steps will enhance the results and help prevent various side effects.

  1. During the initial consultation, patients should tell practitioners about any serious medical problems they have, and mention any medications they use. This is also an excellent time to ask questions about how the process works and what results can be expected.
  2. A person should not use wax to remove hair during the 45 days prior to this treatment. Likewise, electrolysis and plucking must be avoided. These techniques may prevent lasers from working properly. On the other hand, it is completely acceptable to simply shave the hair.
  3. Patients seeking removal of body hair ought to shave with unused, clean blades one day before the procedure. When an individual undergoes laser hair removal, leftover bacteria from a used razor could result in an irritating allergic reaction known as dermatitis.
  4. People should avoid sunlight exposure before and after receiving this treatment. Sun rays could discolor the surrounding skin, or cause other health problems to develop. If a job or other activity necessitates sun exposure, it is vital to use sunblock with a minimum SPF rating of 20.
  5. Individuals who easily become nervous ought to forgo caffeine during the 24 hours preceding this treatment. A variety of foods and drinks contain significant amounts of this substance. Among other things, they include most chocolate bars, sodas, coffees, and teas.

Although some hair is immediately eliminated during a laser hair removal procedure, patients must be prepared for gradual shedding. The targeted hairs typically fall out over a period of up to three weeks; therefore, patients should be sure to follow all doctor recommendations concerning aftercare with this procedure. Individuals should also seek advice from their practitioners if they experience any unusual symptoms during this phase.